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Ultra-practical Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller is based on Mrtaudio’s v2 model, the most popular midi breath controller of the world. Now it comes with ribbon controller and its own headset unit. It has a 3-channel real-time MIDI signal (a feature needed by many keyboards for live performances) and two easy knobs to control minimum, maximum, input and output. It has every feature to control your music in a way closest to the real sound anytime and anywhere. Two buttons (Gain and Offset) can be used to do fine adjustment and to real-time arrange more than one parameter, so that musicians can create their best performances. Mrtaudio MIDI controller works with a USB power cable and is designed not to need an adaptor or any other power source.

Mrtaudio MIDI Breath Controller enables you add realistic expressions to your music performance by breath pressure signal. It transforms MIDI messages to (CC1, CC2, CC7, CC11) signals with perfect accuracy and in proven fast response time. This feature is extremely practical for live performances with Synthesizers and DAW’s, and provides a perfect control on volume expression velocity cross-fade etc. Mrtaudio MIDI Breath Controller’s minimum and maximum input and output ranges are completely adjustable. The environment is insensitive to air pressure, and it works perfectly equal for all input ranges with full resolution. The headset is flexible so that it can bend comfortably, but still, it is spring enough to clamp around the head. It includes a Yamaha BC3 style mouthpiece which has an adjustable air extraction valve and can be turned away from the mouth when not used. For both your live performances and studio productions, Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller guarantees easy and seamless integration with your present set up and provides a final platform for limitless creative expressions with its user-friendly functionality and various features. 

Not only a breath controller… Differing from standard breath controllers, Mrtaudio MIDI box has also a ribbon control unit (optional). 10 cm long, very highly sensitive ribbon control unit is easy to set up and allows you apply the best comma values real-time to your music. In addition to Standard Pitch bend signals, you can also use (CC14, CC15, CC16) MIDI control messages.

SUITABLE TO DAW VST USE (through MIDI way or USB-MIDI converter)
It can be connected to a computer through a USB MIDI converter or a Standard MIDI way (sound card etc.)for MIDI functionality. All in one with “professional” features, easy and fun to use – here is Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller!

• Fast response time
• 3 MIDI channel support
• 2 gain and offset knobs
• Reprogramming mode 
• Includes ultra high sensitive pressure sensor.
• Flexible pipe
• Behind the neck design headset
• Ultra-compact design lets you create anywhere
• USB-powered; no power adapter required
• ribbon input jack
• Breath controller input jack
• Standard 5 DIN MIDI out


Fast response time

its got an excellent fast response time to your applied breath and ribbon controller.


Supply different MIDI signals

By programming this programmable MIDI converter box, you can send different MIDI signals such as CC1, CC2, CC7, CC11.No computer required to program the MIDI box.


Unique styles

Flexible Pipe, Behind The Neck Desing Headset , Includes Ultra High Sensitive Pressure Sensor.


Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller  ribbon 

Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller


Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller v3 

Item is available. worldwide Shipping
1 x Mrtaudio MIDI converter box
1 x Mrtaudio headset
1 x MIDI cable 
1 x USB A type cable
1 x User guide


Mrtaudio MIDI breath controller v3 with ribbon

Item is available. worldwide Shipping
1 x Mrtaudio MIDI converter box
1 x Mrtaudio headset
1 x Mrtaudio ribbon Ctrl
1 x MIDI Cable 
1 x USB A type Cable
1 x User guide


A Breath Controller is a device which converts human breath pressure into electrical signals so that the keyboard is able to detect them. The musician must blow into the mouthpiece while he is fingering a note on keyboard at the same time and the breath controller must be plugged into a device which has a breath controller jack. By connecting the headset to a breath controller jack on MIDI box, the player can control MIDI breath control data according to how hard or soft he blows into the mouthpiece. Musicians will add emotion and sense to their keyboard sounds and produce a more expressive music by using a breath controller. Moreover It is also possible to use signals sent by the breath controller with the aim of controlling other devices such as MIDI synthesizers, MIDI sequencers, MIDI lighting systems, etc..

No, MRTaudio Breath Controller Headset works only with MIDI box (converter).

Yes, you can use it on your computer if your sound card has a MIDI-in input. In case your sound card does not include a MIDI-in input, you can always buy a MIDI to USB converters for very cheap prices ($10-15).

Yes. Indeed it is possible to use MRTaudio Breath Conttroller with any device with a MIDI input. Since it sends standard MIDI CC7 signals, all keyboards work problem-free if necessary adjustments are done.

The reason for this problem is not adjusting offset settings as zero.

No, the headset does not work with the help of a microphone. Actually MRTaudio Breath Controller does not include a microphone or any audio equipment. The misunderstanding is caused by the company’s name, that is MRTaudio. Our headset works with a new generation pressure sensor which has an output voltage of 0 -5 V and this voltage is converted into digital one through analogue to digital converters. Then these digital signals are processed and converted into MIDI signals.


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