Compatible with Yamaha BC3A

If you have a Yamaha BC3A Breath Controller, you can use it on any keyboard with the help of MRTaudio MIDI box. In addition to extra gain and offset it is also possible to make adjustments on the MIDI box. It is especially very comfortable during very long and tiring stage performances. By switching MRT MIDI box to programming mode, you can set different MIDI output control change signals. While in the programming mode it is possible to set mod wheel (CC 1), breath controller (CC 2), volume (CC 7) and Aftertouch.


  • Breath-to-MIDI converter for the Yamaha BC3A Breath Controller
  • Also works with Yamaha BC1 and BC2 units
  • Can send: mod wheel, breath controller,volume and Aftertouch,
  • It Support Three Midi channels at the same time.
  • It consist of re-Programming mode
  • Programmable to send different MIDI controllers and after touch.
  • Support USB Power